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Reinventing the meaning of sound

Physical Synthesis deploys patented sound technologies into various products and business services.

From design integration to ground-up development, we provide companies with cutting-edge sound solutions capable of enhancing products and services across a diverse set of businesses and industries.


Our Approach

We offer services in sound and experience-focused hardware industrial design, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as market testing and scalability analysis.

Our approach to product design and development offers opportunities to reinvent how sound transforms and amplifies a wide array of products and services.

We strive to create a unique and satisfying sound experience making products standout to customers.


Your Ideas Matter to Us

We love developing technologies and solutions that become viable IP pathways offering customers a competitive advantage in global markets.


Equally important to us is client privacy around projects and product development.


To this end, we strive to maintain discretion regarding the communication and data requirements for each and all of our customers.

Our Clients

B2B Inquiries

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