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We formed Physical Synthesis in 2019 with the vision that the world should sound better. What started as a consumer product company creating new kinds of electronic musical instruments, we quickly discovered that various industries such as electric vehicles, medical devices, wearable technology, and security technology wanted our services. 

Following several successful projects with other startups and businesses, we had the opportunity to go beyond engineering contracting and engage with clients on patents and intellectual property development to help accelerate their roadmap and provide a tangible competitive advantage. 

Today we are actively seeking ambitious, yet achievable projects involving sound engineering with high impact and visibility. 

If you want an extraordinary solution to your sound and product experience, Physical Synthesis will get you there.

The Team

We believe that unique sound experiences have the power to make products standout. For this reason, our team strives to deliver unique sound solutions of the highest quality and manufacturability.


Want to engage with a great team? From a dedicated project manager to expert engineers, Physical Synthesis will methodically accompany your product development roadmap from day one. We have 30+ years of combined experience in various engineering fields with the ability to adapt to a wide array of client needs. 

Get in touch below and tell us more about your product and vision. A member from our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Let’s Work Together

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