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Five Primary Components

Cicada Soundboard 
The heart of our expandable Cicada system, providing endless possibilities for modulation via intermittent interactions and material selection.

Each soundboard material offers a different sonic universe to explore, with carefully selected acoustic pickups matched to each one and connected to a custom pre-amp circuit.

Four independent sensors located beneath the corners also provide variable control signals to interact with other processes within your own setup.

Federico-04.22- Soundboards.jpg

Cicada Bridge

An interchangeable module specifically designed with different shapes and materials inspired by the Daxophone, an experimental electroacoustic instrument invented by Hans Reichel.

We carefully selected tip materials to match the kinetic behaviors of each bridge to maximize the uniqueness of sound qualities of every module.

Cicada Actuator
The Actuator generates vibration supplied by any external signal source, such as your Eurorack, computer, or even your phone.

Carefully designed for maximum expression and control, the Actuator is your gateway to tactile synthesis and is the heart of our expandable modular system.

cicada-physical-synthesis .jpg

Cicada AMP
The AMP powers the Actuator. This custom-designed dual amplifier provides power and CV control to DC offset the Actuator, allowing for precise positioning of the bridge and unleash unlimited modulation capabilities. 

Cicada PRE
The PRE powers the #Soundboard. This custom designed pre-amplifier and quad CV processing designed by Trent Gill of Whimsical Raps provides preamplification for our piezoelectric acoustic pickups and processes force sensitive resistor values located on the Soundboard

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