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She is @__idra__, a talented producer, musician, and sound designer from Milan, Italy. We’ve had the chance to sit down with several artists from the fashion city recently and continue to be amazed by the ever-growing number of talents in the region.

Francesca is definitely one of them with her project IDRA, born out of the desire to unify the organic with the inorganic through a combination of electronic and rhythmic textures. Did we mention the trumpet or other acoustic instruments involved in her practice too? There’s a lot of that at hand and we invite you to check her work and sounds on Bandcamp, YT and more.

A common ground with IDRA is also her focus on creating music with extensive sonic explorations and manipulations – some of her creations involving a true aspect of touch and interactions with the instruments which we highly appreciate.

Her latest release ‘Lone Voyagers, Lovers and Lands’ has been released on cassette tapes with @seilrecords and is also av. on Bandcamp!

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