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She is @juliabondarmusic, a Ukrainian born, Barcelona based electronic music artist, singer, and songwriter.


It’s hard to decide where to start when it comes to Julia’s work, ranging from powerful sound creations using analog machines and modular synths, passing by creative video artworks, all the way to releasing a series of balanced in style albums.

Her journey as a musician started when she was making demos for eurorack modular synthesizers to help her partner and founder, Andreas Zhukovsky, to promote and demonstrate the possibilities of the freshly engineered modules for the market.

When it comes to her music and sound creations, Julia reflects «the modern underground movement after midnight», employing the powerful and unique characteristics of analog machines while also being harmoniously linked to the pleasant, danceable, and hypnotic atmosphere of industrial rhythms.

Earlier in September, Julia’s latest album “Industrial Symphony” was released where she further explores her passion for modular synthesizers and her ability to extract ‘orchestral’ sounds from synthetic equipment.

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